Azula Alassea Sunfire (2024)

[Important Character Information]
Name: Azula Alassea Sunfire
Nicknames/Alias: Azzy / White Mage / Blazing Spirit/Burning Spirit and other similar names
Reason for her Names: She was named Azula because her parents thought she will get the Azure eyes her Mother had.
From Scantos, her brother, they thought he will get the Amber Eyes since the father, and grandfather, all male, got the amber eyes.
Yet, Azula got the amber eyes and Scantos the azure eyes. They decided to keep her name.
Reason for her Nicknames: Azzy was invented by Scantos to tease Azula. She still dislikes it but sometimes just grins at it.
White Mage for she uses magic and is mostly seen in white. It is NOT related to "white magic", she is not a priest.
Blazing Spirit: Was seen in a forest in the night by wanderers while using her firemagic. Ghost stories spawned from that sight, and several stories about a ghost banshee or something spooky that burns in the forest were born. This is an old nickname.

Species/Race: High Elf
Gender: Female
Homeland: Quel'Thalas
Age: Appears like 25, using "earth years", it would be between 200 and 260 years. She lost track of the exact number, and I don't understand the whole Elf year / Human year thing x_x
Hair Colour: Vanilla Blond
Eye Colour: Bright Amber, almost golden. "Honey Eyes" as her friend Sejzin calls her.
Skin Tone/Colour: Very pale, but not completely white.

[WoW Census Information]
Affiliation: Tends to Alliance. But believes Horde vs Alliance is senseless. Would help any side if they would ask her nicely.
Faction/Clan: One could say Dalaran. Is A kirin-tor member, but more or less walks her own path and agenda.
Job/Occupation/Profession: Mage, Alchemist , Enchanter

The Aurora Robe Outfit(with Staff).
Azula Alassea Sunfire (1)

The same just with her Fiery Sword
Azula Alassea Sunfire (2)

Arcanist1("Outland Gear")
Azula Alassea Sunfire (3)

"Adventure" gear
Azula Alassea Sunfire (4)

Azula's Robe's Details

The following picture is a detailed description of the robe Azula usually wears.

Azula Alassea Sunfire (5)

The Layers: I doubt that such a robe would be just one piece of textile.
So i thought that it might have a few layers. Also Azula needs a place to put her small bag-of-holding.
Wich is somewhere between the layers, where she puts it.

The Runes: This robe is from the Sunfire family, a Mage family. The runes are enchanted, making the robe very resistant to ripping and dirt.

The chest part: Normally the robe is alot more "free" there. But that does not fit her style, so i use a white shirt, wich perfectly melds with the robe.
In RP , ignore what i have equipped, and just pay attention to what i have visible and/or RP.
Usually, all she wears is her robe, and the sandals. Well, and underwear, obviously. But better mentioning before anyone gets "wrong" ideas.

The Staff: Not a part of the Robe but i added it anyways. It has a Crystal, wich she found at Outland(the quest at Allerian Stronghold). She has to change it every now and then against a new one. In the other end of the staff, which can be screwed off, is a vial of moonwell water she has gotten from a friend, Daell Starwind.

The Hairclip: A Hairclip she has, because she finds it looks nice. It is hers, and bears the Sunfire symbol. Not long ago, she has gotten it enchanted by an Alchemist for increased cold resistance to have a better time in Northrend.

Forgive me for the bad quality of the picture.

Additional Infos: Azula and Dun Morogh , and the Arcanist Robe

Arcanist Robe: Under that set she wears the same pants as in the "Adventure gear" (look far above). Also a white shirt.
It also works as a winter gear. But not very good. Sometines she uses gloves, yet she did not find the right ones suiting the robe 100%, wich annoys her greatly.

[Optional Information]
Identification Marks: Her paleness and usually being in the white robes
Parents: Mother: Alassea Vardamir(Deceased) Father: Aerandir Sunfire(Deceased)
Siblings/Additional family: Scantos Sunfire(Brother) Uróldor Sunfire(Grandfather)
Alassea Vardamir: She was a Priest and had Azure Eyes.
Aerandir Sunfire: He was a Mage and had Amber Eyes.
Grandfather Sunfire: He was a Mage at Dalaran and through him the "Sunfire" family became a little known, not overly famous, but they are heard of. They were known in Silvermoon.
Scantos Sunfire: He is a Silvermoon Guard.
Demeanour/Manner: Pretty bipolar, hard to keep track of.
Hobbies: Fire, sinking into thoughts, hanging around at Netherstorm, Travelling, talking to people, sweet foods, conjuring, reading.
Languages: She can speak Orcish, Common and Thalassian. Has an accent when using Common and Orcish.

Her face is a reserved supression of hatred, almost saddened by it yet lost in her own translation of thoughts that seemlingly loop like tomorrow never comes.
There is a small desire in her eyes like vengeance upon something or a lust for something lost, but not forgotten.
Her finger and toenails are not painted at all, usually has golden lipstick on.
Her eyes are amber/golden colored. The iris and glow being similar to the sunwell's color. Interestingly enough, I had it like that before the Sunwell patch was released, to big surprise of mine, to see it be like her eye's color.
She wears a brooch in her hair which bears the Sunfire family symbol.

She sometimes behaves cold and calculated. But that can change all of a sudden. She is quite moody, "Bipolar".
She likes to show off, is arrogant at times, and sometimes seems outright repulsive.
Around the right people, though, she shows her better sides.
Azula tends to hide that with her attitude, afraid of being emotionally hurt, betrayed and the like. Paranoid, possibly.
She has been through so much that she starts getting used to being dragged into the most crazy adventures.
Is easily stressed by people. When stressed she gets aggressive, and her blood pressure raises, sometimes she even gets nosebleeding.

Voice/Way of talking:
When not speaking Thalassian she has an very strong Elven Accent.


Orgrimmar: She does not have much reputation there, she rarely visits that place.

Undercity: Used to sit at the throne, thinking alot, but quitted doing that, since many forsaken proved to be pretty hostile.

Silvermoon: Mixed. The typical Blood Elf - High Elf feud, though, the fact she helped Silvermoon out aswell, and the leaders knowing she would help them, makes her tolerated by the officials. She has been kicked out several times due to arguments with locals, spell experiments, or a summoned creature going rampage, but managed to "buy" herself back in with fulfilling a useful task for the city. She dislikes the city, though, believing it lost much of its glory.

Thunder Bluff: Not good, not bad. She has not been there enough.

Stormwind: Stormwind knows her as she has helped out quite often. They also know of occasional explosions/fires caused by her, which they frown upon quite alot.

Darnassus: Hated, since high elf. Does not go there unless cleverly disguised. Avoids that city.

Ironforge: No reputation besides what stormwind knows or travellers do.

Exodar: Nothing much.

The Horde: She is not famous within the horde, but she has her little place in the books, so to say. Mostly reputation as short tempered person who seems to bear a unhealthy hatred for undead and demons alike, useful for assigning tasks to.

The Alliance: More known than among the horde, also known as causing magical troubles on occasion. But also good reputation, for being helpful and protective about the areas near stormwind.

Dalaran: Good reputation. Has been invited to join the Kirin Tor. Member of the Kirin Tor.

Shattrath: Reputation just like any other person who helped on the isle of Quel'Danas and related.

Argent Dawn: Known as over-eager against undead, perhaps a little too eager. Not much else.

Defias: Hated by the defias sums it up well.

Booty Bay: Disliked, and watched closely for almost causing a fire in booty bay.

The Burning Legion: She has caused them troubles before, they have seen her participate in several major actions, such as sunwell plateau, killing demons at various locations, and generally causing casualties and troubles to the Legion. Thus, she is one of those the Legion does not just know as nameless mortals to be swept away in the burning crusade, no, she is amongst those that the legion is aware of actually existing and causing casualties to them.

The Scourge: She has fought the scourge wherever she could, the scourge is her main enemy and nemesis. Wether the scourge feels the same way about her, is questionable. Regardless, they will try to slay her and/or add her to their army.

Abilities (these she has developed in the over 3 real life years of developing the character)


Her Fire skills are extremely potent and devastating. She focuses on incineration. These skills incluse the basics such as increased Fire and Heat resistance. Especially against her own fire magic.

Faster Fireball and Pyroblast: As the consistence of these fireballs and pyroblasts is reduced, she does not need as much time to compress the fire into a fireball. Therefore, she can cast them more quickly.

Fireball: Her fireballs work like napalm spheres. They do not have as much kinetic force as normal fireballs do. Instead, their fire grasps around the target on impact, engulfing the enemy in flames.

Pyroblast: A pyroblast. To blast the enemy.

Chain Fireball: Fireball that hits multiple targets one after another. Gets weaker after each hit.

Flamestrike: Normal Flamestrike to incinerate enemies from below, or to put it infront her own feet, so that close combat fighters cannot stand for long in the heat.

Fire Blast: She sends a blast of fire at the enemy. Usually aims for certain areas with it, trying to sear off limbs or the like.

Scorch: Scorching the enemy. And making them more vulnerable.

Molten Armor: (She does not use Lava or molten rock. Ignore this. OOC usage is to increase the damage an attacking NPC receives. IC equivalent, see "Aura of Flame".)

Aura of Flame: Her speciality is to grow an aura of flame on herself, igniting herself, not becoming fire, but being engulfed in it as a protection against close combat. Attack/Defense hybrid.

Fire Shield: Aura of Flame combined with releasing fire from her palms so that it forms a barrier, a shield of fire around herself, usually uses it when enraged greatly. Or when trying to show off.

Flame Breath: Breathes fire. Mostly uses it for entertainment.

Immolation: As she loves to watch her enemies burn, she has learned the Immolation spell.

Incineration: She fires a tongue of flame at an already burning enemy, trying to incinerate him in the process.

Fire Elemental: Summons a Fire Elemental. Usually one she refers to as "Lord Pyros".

Phoenix: Summons a Phoenix to ride. She holds it too dear to let it fight. This is her most complex fire spell, as only a few firemages or blood mages are able to summon a Phoenix.


Her Arcane skills are, as expected from an Elf, on an good level. They are not as potent as of an pure Arcanist, yet they are a good alternative to her Fire Spells.

Arcane Guidance: Uses it to guide the Fireballs and Pyroblasts to their target. She usually does it with her right hand, having only the index finger and middle finger stretched out.
She does that to focus on the target, guiding the magic projectile (Fireball/Pyroblast) quickly into the target.

Arcane Missiles: She shoots sharp pointy arcane missiles at the opponent aiming for weakspots if she found any.

Arcane Blast: Blasts the opponent with arcane force.

Arcane Speed: Opposite of Arcane Slow. Speeds herself up with it. Mostly uses it to travel, as she often travels on foot only.

Arcane Slow: Opposite of Arcane Speed. Slows an opponent down for a certain amount of time. Usually combines it.

Mana Shield: Shields herself with Arcane.

Magic Wall: Similar to Mana Shields. Casts a transparent wall made of Magic. Usually to block somebody's way or as a hazard shield.

Levitation: Basic magic spell. She starts to float.

Arcane Manipulation: Similar to Levitation. Still learning it from a book that Archmage Archaedas(Not the titan. A player character who, coincidentally, had the same name) gave her. One could see it as telekinesis for objects.

Conjuration(Food/Drink): She learned many receipes to conjure many kinds of food and drinks.

Counterspell: Counterspells an opponent while casting, preventing the cast to finish. May silence the opponent on occasion.

Dampen Magic: Basic Dampen Magic

Amplify Magic: Basic Amplify Magic

Summon Manawraith: Summons a Manawraith. Often ends up in people getting chased by it in a comical way. It seems rebellious.


Her ice skills are way below average and she does not cast them often. At times she attempts a frostbolt , frost nova or ice lance but she quickly realizes Fire and Arcane is what she should stick with.

Basic Ice spells: She learned the basic ice spells. However, never really cared to train them. Occasional Frost Bolts, Frost Nova or Ice Lances, but end up squirting water.


She knows just enough of it to control her fire as she needs.


Various Household Magic learned from a book Archaedas gave her.

Combines spells at her own leisure. Sometimes with "mixed" results...

Illusion magic: She was teached by Master Illusionist Daell Starwind, and was given his spellbook. Her illusions are useless in combat, except to confuse and deceive the enemy. She uses magic in combination with a powder that alters the senses, not by alot, not really too noticeable.
Azula just charges about a little bit of magic into the air with the powder, arcane on whatever she wants to be altered.

A few examples of illusion skills:

Appearance change. Able to turn into different creatures as illusion. Able to change her eyecolor, which she uses sometimes in silvermoon. This is what she uses most.


Her childhood was very normal. Arguing with her brother, pranking him, playing outside at Eversong Woods, swimming in stillwhisper pond, picknicking, meeting friends, learning the ways of magic.
Since her childhood she was impressed by Mages and trained hard to become one.
She wanted to study at Dalaran. Which sadly did not happen.
Then the attack on Silvermoon changed her life, twisted her and changed her forever.
[Details missing on purpose. In RP they may play an major role].
From then on she trained eagerly for years and became a very powerful Fire mage, the spells created by anger and hatred, her feelings controlling her.
She met Tinilin as trainee and had adventures with him. Including the travelling of the Barrens, to Feralas where she got an Jungle Fever, then to Silithus where they both died, yet a Tauren Shaman calling upon the spirits to rescue them.
During that her terrible memories started to unfreeze in her mind and slowly driving her insane.
She met alot people now, and has quite some friends. But still she feelt alone in her own world of memories.
Years passed again, too much to write here, you'll have to find out ICly.
She's been in alot of adventures since then, had alot breakdowns, alot good times, and became perhaps a little less insane, or maybe a bit more, but calmer.
The friends she gained died and/or disappeared alltogether, leaving her alone again. All of them? No. Not all.
She has a few friends left, such as Elie, who she met long ago. Or Celina the Alchemist. But all these are chapters to be unveiled during RP.

End notes: So yeah, this isn't as much as I hoped it would be. But I hate writing biographies and stuff, I prefer to reveal stuff during RP.

An additional note: Can this also count as Housing application, or do I have to make a seperate text? It's about the Tower of Azora in Elwynn Forest, which is where she usually resides at. If not possible, a house near goldshire or something.

Azula Alassea Sunfire (2024)
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