Trane XR14 Vs RunTru Air Conditioners: What Are The Differences? (2024)

Since there is a huge variety and choices when it comes to choosing an air conditioner, I find it easier to make a decision if I know what I’m looking for in one. And Trane being over a century-old brand, it is natural to look into its ACs first.

So today, I have decided to share my experiences and observations regarding two of its popular air conditioners: Trane XR14 vs RunTru.

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Trane XR14 Vs RunTru: Comparison Table

Before I discuss the similarities and differences between these two air conditioners in detail, here is a comparison table that can help you get a better idea.

FeaturesTrane XR14RunTru
CompressorSingle-stageScroll Compressor
Noise Level72-73 dB76 dB
Build QualityBetterGood
Overall PerformanceVery satisfyingSatisfying
Energy Star RatingYesNo
CostMore expensiveLess expensive
Warranty10 Years5 Years
DurabilityLonger durabilityComparatively less durable

Differences Between Trane XR14 And RunTru ACs

Before I compare these two air conditioners, let me clear something out. RunTru production is guided by the same engineers from Trane as they are manufactured by the same Trane brand. The only reason to start a different brand is to provide the customers with more cost-effective options as Trane air conditioners or cooling systems are quite expensive.

Trane XR14 being one of the fastest sold-out products of the brand, it is natural to wonder if other similar products will perform in the same way. So here is a detailed comparison between some of the notable features of the air conditioners.

Compression Type

When comparing air conditioners, I usually go for compression first as it is a vital feature. And it also happens to be what leaves the biggest difference between the Trane XR14 and RunTru. So let’s start with it!

Trane XR14

Because Trane XR14 has a single-stage compressor, meaning it only has one output. This type of compressor uses a single cylinder and a piston to compress the air. And it helps ensure a more reliable and better performance than a scroll compressor. Besides, such a compressor makes the air conditioner unit more lightweight.


The RunTru air conditioner model, on the other hand, comes with a scroll compressor. They are also reliable for better airflow and control. However, they are not as energy-efficient as single-stage ones.

Build Quality

Trane XR14

The Trane XR14 model is made of high-grade and durable material to ensure safe and long-lasting performance. Other than the galvanized steel panels and polycarbonate top, its powder-coated finish protects the overall construction and parts from rust and corrosion for a long time.


Since they are both from the same company, just like Trane XR14, the RunTru air conditioner is constructed with similar materials. However, they do not have the same high-grade quality as it is a low-cost option.


Trane XR14

To know if they perform better, the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating is important. And the Trane XR14 has a rating of 16, which indicates its excellent and long-lasting performance without consuming so much power.


Though RunTru has the same SEER rating, it does not perform in the same way as the Trane XR14. Due to its less robust material and construction, it ends up showing various performance issues after a few years.

Noise Level

Trane XR14

What I also liked about the Trane XR14 model is that it is not noisy. Its noise level is only around 72-73 dB, which is tolerable. And unlike the RunTru model, the noise level does not increase unexpectedly.


Even though RunTru has a noise control feature, it does start getting noisy after a while. Though you can ignore it around the beginning, it does become irritating at one point.


Trane XR14

With all its high-quality material, upgraded construction, single-stage compression, and better performance, the Trane XR14 costs more. The high price of the AC is a huge drawback for people who are on a tight budget.


On the other hand, the RunTru is introduced as a somewhat similar and much cheaper option. And it is a good choice for anyone who is looking for a budget-friendly air conditioner.

Why Choose Trane AC Unit?

If you are not familiar with Trane, you can take a look at the following benefits that you can get from using its Ac units.

More Comfort

The benefit of Trane’s smart technology design is that it makes the user’s life a lot easier. And I can tell you from my experience that I found its functions quite convenient when it comes to balancing the heat and humidity and maintaining a cooler environment.

You get various necessary features, such as a compressor sound insulator, automatic thermostat, variable fan adjustment, etc.

Better Air Quality

Usually, when you leave an AC unit uncleaned or keep using it for a long time, it ends up showing various performance issues because of gathered dust and particles, clogged filters, mold, etc. Not to mention how dangerous it can be if the unit is not cleaned or the air is not filtered regularly.

But Trane air conditioners can maintain better air quality for a very long time, thanks to their excellent ventilation, humidity control, superior air purification, and their ability to eliminate dust, and other particles.

Energy Efficient

If you are concerned about excessive power consumption and the worry of electricity bills keeping you awake at night, the air conditioners from Trane can be a good choice.

These AC units have a higher season energy efficiency rating, which certainly makes them reliable when it comes to saving energy. In fact, I noticed that they have been consuming at least 40% less energy than most ACs I tested.

More Quiet

I know the detailed comparison I shared earlier shows that the Trane XR14 is quieter than RunTue. But you should know that all Trane air conditioners are comparatively less noisy than most other brands. This feature also ensures comfort for the users and keeps the environment peaceful.

Reliable Brand

Trane has already been in the market for around a century. And it designed and manufactured the RunTru ACs by its expert engineers using high-grade materials as always. And since the brand has already been popular and reliable, I wasn’t disappointed.


Did you know that Trane puts all its air conditioner systems through the SEET (Systems Extreme Environmental Test) lab test? The purpose is to ensure the ACs keep on performing well even under tough environmental situations.

The Snowball II is an air compressor at Trane Compressor Test Lab that has been running since 2000 despite being encased in ice. So you can tell that they are meant to last a very long time without showing any major issues out of the blue.

Maintenance Tips

Here are some essential tips you need to be aware of to maintain the AC well and ensure it lasts longer.

Things You Can Do Yourself

  • Even if you are not a pro at handling an air conditioner unit, you can still perform the task of cleaning the outer parts of the unit.
  • Make sure you do not keep any plants within 1.5 feet of the outdoor unit as it gathers more debris and leaves in this way. Do not keep anything too close to the indoor unit as well.
  • Watch out for any kind of leakage.
  • ACs usually make very little noise. But if it seems louder than usual, you should call a technician.

When You Need To Seek Professionals’ Help

  • Your first concern should be when the temperature fails to maintain consistency, meaning the temperature keeps going up or down.
  • If the units end up with excessive water from a flood or any other accidental incidents, you must not do anything on your own.
  • If you notice that your electricity bill is suddenly reaching the ceiling, the air conditioner components may have a problem.
  • If you experience any kind of odd smell coming from the unit, it can be a matter of concern.

Final Words

Comparing Trane Xr14 vs RunTru has been a challenge because both of them are manufactured under the same reputed brand. But as you can see, they have more differences than similarities.

In the end, it is up to you to decide whether you would prefer to spend more to get a more reliable and high-performing air conditioner. If not, you can spend on a comparatively low-performing model that comes with a cheaper price tag.

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Trane XR14 Vs RunTru Air Conditioners: What Are The Differences? (2024)
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