The Best Christmas Recipe in Every State (2024)

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Alabama: Carrot Fruitcake Alaska: Special-Occasion Chocolate Cake Arizona: Twice-Baked Cheddar Potato Casserole Arkansas: Peanut Butter Christmas Mice California: Christmas Meatballs Connecticut: Beef Tenderloin with Pomegranate Chutney Delaware: Double Whammy Eggnog Cookies Florida: Amber's Sourdough Stuffing Georgia: Italian Herb-Crusted Pork Loin Hawaii: Pineapple Pie with Coconut Cream Idaho: Eggnog Cutout Cookies Illinois: Buttery Spritz Cookies Indiana: Bacon Cheese Wreath Iowa: Holiday Brunch Casserole Kansas: Banana Pancake Snowmen Kentucky: White Chocolate Peppermint Crunch Louisiana: Contest-Winning Sweet Potato Bake Maine: Orange-Glazed Pork Loin Maryland: Gingerbread Men Cookies Massachusetts: Sweet Potato Cranberry Bake Michigan: Peppermint Meltaways Minnesota: Santa Cupcakes Mississippi: Spruced-Up Cheese Spread Missouri: Easy Potato Rolls Montana: Roast Turkey with Sausage-Cabbage Stuffing Nebraska: Mocha Yule Log New Hampshire: Cranberry-Almond Apple Pie New Jersey: Christmas Eve Confetti Pasta New Mexico: Eggnog French Toast New York: Touch-of-Gold Christmas Trees North Carolina: Swirled Mint Cookies North Dakota: Cranberry Fluff Ohio: Cranberry Layer Cake Oklahoma: Pecan Meltaways Oregon: Cranberry Honey Butter Pennsylvania: Italian Christmas Cookies Rhode Island: Italian Leg of Lamb with Lemon Sauce South Carolina: Red Velvet Cheesecake South Dakota: Easy Mini Caramel Apple Cheesecakes Tennessee: Almond Cherry Fudge Texas: Lemon Snowflakes Utah: Butterscotch Gingerbread Cookies Vermont: Candy Cane Coffee Cakes Virginia: Sugar-Glazed Ham Washington: White Chocolate Cranberry Blondies West Virginia: Eggs Florentine Casserole Wisconsin: Chicken Crescent Wreath Wyoming: Cinnamon Brownies

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The Best Christmas Recipe in Every State (1)Katie BandurskiUpdated: Feb. 18, 2024

    As you deck the halls and stuff the stockings, whip up some of our best Christmas recipes. These highly rated dishes come from home cooks across America.


    Taste of Home

    Alabama: Carrot Fruitcake

    Even those who don't care for fruitcake love this special holiday dessert. It's a fun way to dress up that old favorite, carrot cake. Try it—your friends and family will agree. —Ann Parden, Chunchula, Alabama

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    Don’t miss our comprehensive guide to Christmas cookies, completewith recipes, baking secrets and genius decorating advice.


    Alaska: Special-Occasion Chocolate Cake

    This recipe won Grand Champion at the Alaska State Fair, and with just one bite, you'll see why! The decadent chocolate cake boasts a luscious ganache filling and fudge buttercream frosting. —Cindi DeClue, Anchorage, Alaska

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    Arizona: Twice-Baked Cheddar Potato Casserole

    Bacon, cheddar and sour cream turn ordinary potatoes into an extraordinary twice baked potato casserole. It's one of our family's beloved standards for the holidays. —Kyle Cox, Scottsdale, Arizona

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    Check out more of our favorite Christmas side dishes you’ll want to make this year.


    Taste of Home

    Arkansas: Peanut Butter Christmas Mice

    With their black licorice tails, candy noses and peanut ears, these chewy "mice" were always a hit at classroom parties. My children are in their teens now, but they still ask me to make these cookies for the holidays. —Nancy Rowse, Bella Vista, Arkansas

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    Taste of Home

    California: Christmas Meatballs

    Cranberry sauce and brown sugar create a tangy glaze for moist meatballs that are good Christmas appetizers or Christmas dinner ideas. We love them so much, I prepare them year-round. —Joyce Bentley, Redlands, California

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    Start your Christmas celebration off on the right foot with these tasty apps.


    Taste of Home

    Connecticut: Beef Tenderloin with Pomegranate Chutney

    When I want to show family and friends some culinary love, I roast a tenderloin and serve it with a sweet-tart pomegranate and apple chutney. —Devon Delaney, Westport, Connecticut

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    Here are some more Christmas roasts that anyone can make.


    Delaware: Double Whammy Eggnog Cookies

    These cookies are an amazing way to use extra eggnog. They've become a new family classic. — Teresa Morris, Laurel, Delaware

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    Taste of Home

    Florida: Amber's Sourdough Stuffing

    All my kids and grandkids absolutely love this sourdough stuffing, but especially my daughter-in-law Amber. I usually make a big batch at Thanksgiving so I will have leftovers for my husband. But this recipe is perfect for two. —Kathy Katz, Ocala, Florida

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    You can feel good about loading your plate with these healthy stuffing recipes.


    Georgia: Italian Herb-Crusted Pork Loin

    I like to change things up during the holidays with pork loin recipes that incorporate my favorite herbs and veggies. This showpiece dish really dazzles my family. —Kim Palmer, Kingston, Georgia

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    Taste of Home

    Hawaii: Pineapple Pie with Coconut Cream

    You’ll find pineapples and coconuts everywhere in the South Pacific, so we play them up in this creamy cool pineapple pie, dolloped with coconut cream. Divine! —Karen Naihe, Kamuela, Hawaii

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    Take a look at 30 more pies that would look great on your dessert table.


    Taste of Home

    Idaho: Eggnog Cutout Cookies

    I created this cookie recipe because my sons liked eggnog so much. After frosting the cookies, you can add to their festive flair by sprinkling them with colored sugar. —Glenna Tooman, Boise, Idaho

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    Illinois: Buttery Spritz Cookies

    This tender spritz cookie recipe is quite eye-catching on my Christmas cookie tray. The dough is easy to work with, so it's fun to make these spritz cookies into a variety of festive shapes. This is hands-down the best spritz cookie recipe ever. —Beverly Launius, Sandwich, Illinois

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    You’re going to want to sneak a peek at our ultimate gingerbread guide.


    Indiana: Bacon Cheese Wreath

    My grandmother makes this smoky bacon and Parmesan spread for parties and holiday get-togethers. For a pretty yuletide presentation, decorate the cream cheese wreath with green parsley and red pimientos. —Lisa Carter, Warren, Indiana

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    Iowa: Holiday Brunch Casserole

    If you'll be having overnight company during the holidays, you may want to consider this hearty casserole. Guests will be impressed with its bountiful filling and scrumptious flavor. It's the perfect Easter breakfast or Christmas casserole. —Nelda Cronbaugh, Belle Plaine, Iowa

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    Kansas: Banana Pancake Snowmen

    Both kids and adults will love these yummy pancakes. Invite your little ones to help decorate their snowmen and they'll jump out of bed in a hurry! —Phyllis Schmalz, Kansas City, Kansas

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    Kentucky: White Chocolate Peppermint Crunch

    This is my favorite confection to make at Christmas. Not only is it easy, it's delicious as well. I like to fill small bags with the crunchy candy to place in gift baskets.—Nancy Shelton, Boaz, Kentucky

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    Louisiana: Contest-Winning Sweet Potato Bake

    This is an easy dish to prepare and is a perfect addition to that special holiday meal. The topping is flavorful and gives a nice contrast of textures. —Pam Holloway, Marion, Louisiana

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    Taste of Home

    Maine: Orange-Glazed Pork Loin

    This is one of the best pork recipes I've ever tried. My family looks forward to this roast for dinner, and guests always want the recipe. The flavorful rub, and the glaze brightened with orange juice, are also outstanding on pork chops. —Lynnette Miete, Alna, Maine

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    Maryland: Gingerbread Men Cookies

    No holiday treat platter would be complete without gingerbread men cookies! This is a tried-and-true recipe I'm happy to share with you. —Mitzi Sentiff, Annapolis, Maryland

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    Taste of Home

    Massachusetts: Sweet Potato Cranberry Bake

    In October, my husband helps harvest cranberries at a friend's bogs, so I have access to the very freshest ingredients. Their bold autumn flavor pairs up perfectly with sweet potatoes to make a seasonal side dish my family looks forward to. —Jill Doyle, Kingston, Massachusetts

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    Michigan: Peppermint Meltaways

    This recipe for peppermint meltaways is very pretty and festive-looking on a cookie platter. I often cover a plate of these peppermint cookies with red or green plastic wrap and a bright holiday bow in one corner. And yes, they really do melt in your mouth! —Denise Wheeler, Newaygo, Michigan

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    Taste of Home

    Minnesota: Santa Cupcakes

    My kids leave out at least one cupcake for Santa on Christmas Eve. These seemed appropriate! —Sharon Skildum, Maple Grove, Minnesota

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    Taste of Home

    Mississippi: Spruced-Up Cheese Spread

    A neighbor who’s a wonderful cook gave me the recipe for this zippy cracker spread. It’s easy to shape into a Christmas tree for a festive occasion, but it looks enticing in a bowl or on a plate, too. —Judy Grimes, Brandon, Mississippi

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    Missouri: Easy Potato Rolls

    After I discovered this recipe, it became a mainstay for me. I make the dough ahead of time when company is coming, and I try to keep some in the refrigerator to bake for our ranch hands. Leftover mashed potatoes are almost sure to go into these rolls. —Jeanette McKinney, Belleview, Missouri

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    Montana: Roast Turkey with Sausage-Cabbage Stuffing

    This turkey and trimmings recipe is a staple in my family. No one guesses that there's cabbage in the stuffing! — Alma Winberry, Great Falls, Montana

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    These are the best recipes from Montana, hands down.


    Taste of Home

    Nebraska: Mocha Yule Log

    This eye-catching dessert is guaranteed to delight holiday dinner guests. Chocolate lovers will lick their lips over the yummy cocoa cake, mocha filling and frosting. For a festive touch, I garnish the yule log with marzipan holly leaves and berries. —Jenny Hughson, Mitchell, Nebraska

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    Taste of Home

    New Hampshire: Cranberry-Almond Apple Pie

    My grandmother made this treat every year for Christmas. It’s much better than everyday apple pie. The recipe is a family treasure. —Maxine Theriauit, Nashua, New Hampshire

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    New Jersey: Christmas Eve Confetti Pasta

    This easy Christmas dinner has become a holiday tradition in our home. All the prep is done before we attend Christmas Eve service. On returning, I just boil water and saute. It's so colorful with a tossed salad and garlic bread — and always gets raves! — Ellen Fiore, Ridgewood, New Jersey

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    Taste of Home

    New Mexico: Eggnog French Toast

    This recipe is a favorite of our family and not only at Christmas. We especially like to prepare this hearty breakfast when we go camping. —Robert Northrup, Las Cruces, New Mexico

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    New York: Touch-of-Gold Christmas Trees

    You can decorate these pretty Christmas trees with other types of sprinkles if you don't have the gold dust. The filling alone makes the cookies special and so delicious! —Linda Sweet, Cornwall, New York

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    Taste of Home

    North Carolina: Swirled Mint Cookies

    No one will believe that these rich and buttery cookies are light, but they are! With their colorful swirls, each one of these minty, sugary bites has its own look. —Lois Hill, Thomasville, North Carolina

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    Taste of Home

    North Dakota: Cranberry Fluff

    This fluffy fruit salad gets its sweet-tart flavor from cranberries and whipped cream. We like it because it's not as sweet as many other "fluffs." I'm often asked for the secret to this luscious holiday salad. —Lavonne Hartel, Williston, North Dakota

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    Ohio: Cranberry Layer Cake

    I adapted a Bundt cake recipe to create this layer cake. Cranberries, walnuts and homemade frosting make it taste so delicious that you'd never guess it starts with a convenient cake mix. —Sandy Burkett, Galena, Ohio

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    Oklahoma: Pecan Meltaways

    This sweet, nutty pecan meltaways recipe is a tradition in our house at Christmastime, but the treats are delightful any time of the year. —Alberta McKay, Bartlesville, Oklahoma

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    Oregon: Cranberry Honey Butter

    If you are traveling to a friend's or loved one's for the holidays, bring them something even better than a bottle of wine—this easy to whip up treat! —Arisa Cupp, Sherwood, Oregon

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    Pennsylvania: Italian Christmas Cookies

    A single batch of these ricotta cheese cookies is never enough. I usually make one to give away and two more to keep at home. The ricotta cheese makes the morsels extra moist. —Doris Marshall, Strasburg, Pennsylvania

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    Rhode Island: Italian Leg of Lamb with Lemon Sauce


    South Carolina: Red Velvet Cheesecake

    Festive and oh, so good, this cheesecake will become a fixture on your Christmas dessert menu. The red velvet filling is spiked with cocoa, topped with cream cheese frosting and baked in a chocolate cookie crumb crust. —Karen Dively, Chapin, South Carolina

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    Taste of Home

    South Dakota: Easy Mini Caramel Apple Cheesecakes

    Cheesecake is the ultimate comfort food, but a big slice can be too rich. These bite-sized cheesecakes topped with apples and creamy caramel dazzle the senses. —Brandie Cranshaw, Rapid City, South Dakota

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    Tennessee: Almond Cherry Fudge

    Cooked in the microwave, this fast fudge is a sweet addition to any holiday gathering. I make it when I need a quick treat for a school party or to take to a neighbor. —Shellie Tucker, Hendersonvlle, Tennessee

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    Texas: Lemon Snowflakes

    You’ll need just four ingredients to make these delightful lemon snowflake cookies. Confectioners’ sugar highlights the cracked tops to give them their snowflake appearance. —Linda Barry, Dianna, Texas

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    Taste of Home

    Utah: Butterscotch Gingerbread Cookies

    Every time I make these wonderful cookies, the spicy aroma takes me back to my childhood. I helped Mom make them and delivered them to neighbors. —Kara Cook, Elk Ridge, Utah

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    Vermont: Candy Cane Coffee Cakes

    I make my festive-looking coffee cakes at Christmas and for breakfast company. My husband doesn't usually care for apricots, but he loves these. —Kelley Winship, West Rutland, Vermont

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    Virginia: Sugar-Glazed Ham

    This old-fashioned ham glaze gives a pretty golden brown coating—just like Grandma used to make. The mustard and vinegar complement the brown sugar which adds a tangy flavor to this glazed ham recipe. Be prepared to serve seconds! —Carol Strong Battle, Heathville, Virginia

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    Washington: White Chocolate Cranberry Blondies

    Friends sometimes ask me to make these for wedding receptions. For a fancier presentation, I cut the bars into triangle shapes and drizzle white chocolate over each one individually. —Erika Busz, Kent, Washington

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    West Virginia: Eggs Florentine Casserole

    For our Christmas brunch, I make this variation on a classic eggs Florentine recipe, adding sausage and spinach to make a snappy casserole. Sometimes I mix in fresh peppers or green chiles, so play with it. —Karen Weekley, Washington, West Virginia

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    Taste of Home

    Wisconsin: Chicken Crescent Wreath

    Here's an impressive-looking dish that's a snap to prepare. Even when my cooking time is limited, I can still serve this delicious crescent wreath. The red pepper and green broccoli add a festive touch. —Marlene Denissen, St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin

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    Wyoming: Cinnamon Brownies

    For Christmas one year, a friend gave us a pan of these delicious brownies. Before I figured out their secret was cinnamon, half the pan was already gone! —Gail Mehle, Rock Springs, Wyoming

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    Originally Published: October 10, 2019

    The Best Christmas Recipe in Every State (49)

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    The Best Christmas Recipe in Every State (2024)
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