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Combat training is an essential part of the Old School RuneScape journey. More importantly, it is best to get through the early levels as quickly as possible so you can move on to activities like Slayer, questing, PvM minigames, etc.

Crabs, specifically Sand Crabs, are among the more common monsters players train on, given their high hitpoints, spawn rate, and low defense.

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Getting to Sand Crabs can be confusing if you have never visited the Great Kingdom of Kourend before, but soon enough, you’ll be able to reach there without worry to get a head start on your combat training!

To get to Sand Crabs in OSRS, go to Hosidius in the Kingdom of Kourend and run south until you reach the beach, where you will see Sand Crabs spawning in different areas.

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  • Why Kill Sand Crabs?

How to Get to Sand Crabs in OSRS

Sand Crabs are located on the beaches south of Hosidius.

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You can also take a rowboat there to reach Crabclaw Isle, which offers more Sand Crab spawns you can use for training.

Gain Access to Kourend

In order to reach Hosidius, you first need to talk to Velos in Port Sarim to be able to access the Kingdom of Kourend.

In our guide on How to Get to Kourend, we explained that he will always be your first stop before stepping into the kingdom.

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Once you are able to access Kourend through means of teleportation, there are a few key teleports that are near the beaches south of Kourend.

Kourend House Teleport

If your house is based out of Kourend, you can use a house teleport and leave the portal to reach just north of the Sand Crabs quickly.

Alternatively, you can use a Scroll of Redirection on a Teleport to House tab to convert it to a Kourend POH Teleport.

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Both of which require 25 Construction to accomplish.

Scrolls of Redirection can be obtained as a reward from the Nightmare Zone and is a handy way to reach awkward locations in Old School RuneScape, where the best teleport option is the nearby POH portal.

Skills Necklace Teleport

With a charged Skills Necklace, you can teleport to the Woodcutting Guild and run east. Once you cross the bridge, you will reach the same area as the POH portal, where you can run south to reach the Sand Crabs.

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It is worth noting that despite needing 60 Woodcutting to enter the Woodcutting Guild, the Skills Necklace will teleport you outside the gates, so you do not need to skill requirement to use it.

Xeric’s Talisman

The Xeric’s Talisman is the most common item players will use to teleport to the different cities of Kourend.

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The Xeric’s Glade option will bring a player near the farming patch in Hosidius for a much cheaper cost than the former two options.

After teleporting, run straight south, following the path until you reach the Sand Crabs.

While Getting a Xeric’s talisman is not a straightforward process, it is absolutely worth getting for quality-of-life purposes.

Being able to reach Kourend at any time without wasting House Teleports or dragonstone jewelry charges is handy.

Using a Spirit Tree

High-level skillers may have the option of using a planted Spirit Tree to teleport nearby.

At 83 Farming, and with 35% Hosidius favour, you will be able to plant a Spirit Tree for use in the Hosidius Spirt Tree patch.

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Once it is grown, you will be able to teleport here from any other Spirit Tree in the game. After arriving, run southeast until you cross a bridge, then directly south for the Sand Crabs.

This method is the most cost-effective as it does not use up any charges for items, and you can quickly access from other notable areas, such as the Grand Exchange.

Why Kill Sand Crabs?

Sand Crabs are often killed for decent AFK combat experience across all combat styles.

Whether it is Melee, Ranged, or Magic, players looking to train from levels 20-70 the easiest way possible will find Sand Crabs to be one of the best methods available.

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In our 1-99 Melee Training Guide, we discussed how players can train on different types of crabs.

  • Rock Crabs, located in Rellekka
  • Sand Crabs, located in Hosidius
  • Swamp Crabs, located in Morytania
  • Ammonite Crabs, located in Fossil Island

While all of them provide fantastic training opportunities, Sand Crabs are the perfect balance for lower-level players looking to AFK train until they reach mid-game levels.

That is how to get to Sand Crabs in Old School RuneScape!

Do you have any input or suggestions for this article? Let us know in the comment section below.

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) - How to Get to Sand Crabs - Gamer Empire (2024)
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