Best bug zappers to keep insects at bay, tried and tested (2024)

Best bug zappers to keep insects at bay, tried and tested (1)


Abha Shah @brimfulofashah7 December 2023

Have you ever thought an insect just had it in for you?

There you are, trying to enjoy a pint in the pub garden, or innocently tucking into dinner in front of the telly, and a rogue wasp, fly, mosquito or daddy long legs simply will not give you a moment’s peace. At some point or another, we’ve all been there, and we know one of the three following things are likely to happen.

  1. Stick to your humane beliefs and repeatedly try to shoo it away.
  2. Abandon ship and let the insect terrorist run wild and victorious.
  3. Give in to your natural killer instinct and obliterate them once and for all.

If you’re at the end of your tether - i.e: resolutely at option 3 - there’s nothing for it but to find a deterrent that has flies buzzing off for good.

While there are sprays to get rid of many common household pests, a device like a zapper means you’re not wiping highly toxic chemicals all over your house - a welcome element if you share a roof with kids or pets who tend to lick things.

The most common design that will spring to mind will be the one that looks like a tennis racket, but some options can go on the wall and other contraptions that require nothing more than a simple plug-in.

The zapper you go for will very much depend on your use, be it inside or outside the home or a weird in-between, like the shed, conservatory or even to take with you on your next camping adventure.

If you’ve had about as much as you can take from flying insects, we’ve rounded up the best bug zapping gadgets to help you stop feeling like you’re being eaten alive.

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Basket Electric Fly Swatter

Best bug zappers to keep insects at bay, tried and tested (6)


Take fly swatting to the next level with this zapper racket, which runs on two AA batteries to get rid of your insect issue once and for all. Switch it on and the racket weave is live immediately, charged with 1500 volts to defeat irritating bugs. As it doesn’t require mains power, you can easily pack this swatter into luggage to take on holidays or day trips away.

Buy now£5.19, Amazon

PluieSoleil Indoor Electrical Insect Fly Killer

Best bug zappers to keep insects at bay, tried and tested (7)


Flies outside in nature, one can handle. Indoors? They’ll drive you to distraction. Clear your home of pests with this high-voltage (2400V) lamp, which emits ultraviolet rays to attract unwanted flying insects within 80sqm before killing them instantly. The plug-in lamp comes with a hanging chain, which you can use to suspend it from the ceiling or walls. It comes with a removable tray to make cleaning out the slain insects a much easier job.

Buy now£29.99, Amazon

ASAB Portable Plug In Bug Zapper

Best bug zappers to keep insects at bay, tried and tested (8)


It is some kind of fresh hell trying to sleep when mozzies are in the vicinity. Whether you have nets to protect you or not, adding a plug-in bug zapper adds an extra element to your arsenal that few of the little blighters - including fruit flies and moths - will be able to get through. This high-voltage electric plug uses UV lights to lure in insects and kill them off, promising to last more than 20,000 hours to keep your home bug-free.

Buy now£14.99, Amazon

Sendowtek Mosquito Killer Lamp

Best bug zappers to keep insects at bay, tried and tested (9)


A big reason people steer clear of camping is the sheer number of bugs. While you can’t do much about the ones outside of the tent - you are in nature, after all - taking care of your inner sanctum is much less of a hassle thanks to this mosquito-killer lamp. This rechargeable device is your new camping companion, emitting powerful UV rays to draw in and kill flies. A plastic ABS safety casing stops accidental touches to the 500V of power and you can even adjust the brightness through three modes making it perfectly useable as a camping lantern.

Buy now£22.99, Amazon

Kingfisher Bat Bug Zapper

Best bug zappers to keep insects at bay, tried and tested (10)


Trying to wean yourself or your kids off screen time? A tennis racket-shaped zapper turns slaying flies into a real game as you work to clear your space of the annoying pests. This one runs on two AA batteries and sends controlled currents into meshwork to zap them dead. Game, set, match.

Buy now£7.99, Robert Dyas

Insect-O-Cutor Aura Fly Killer 22W Black

Best bug zappers to keep insects at bay, tried and tested (11)


No one is claiming that fly swatters are the nicest-looking things to have in the house, so when you find one that's been designed with a modicum of style, it's bound to turn heads. This one is designed for use in dining establishments, clearing areas of up to 40sqm by attracting pests with a unique circular design. It's perfect for outside use, especially for those who love throwing garden parties and BBQs.

Buy now£199.98, Tool Station

Pest-Stop Plug-in Insect Fly Killer

Best bug zappers to keep insects at bay, tried and tested (12)


Skip bug spray napalm and get the power of LEDs to do all the dirty work instead. This plug-in killer is made for eco-friendly pest control: simply stick it into a socket and it will pull the flies in, keeping your space bug-free. For best results, put this in a super dark corner so no other light sources can obstruct it from its mission.

Buy now£11.99, Robert Dyas

Zap It! Electric Fly Swatter - Rechargeable Fly Zapper

Best bug zappers to keep insects at bay, tried and tested (13)

Zap it!

This device offers a two-pronged approach to irritating house flies. First, the super bright LED pulls them in towards the racket before the electrified 4000v mesh net fells them like a scythe. This twin pack will make a great addition to your camping kit and stop you from feeling like you’re being eaten alive when out in nature or by water. No batteries are required either; simply charge via the USB port and you’re ready to go.

Buy now£28.99, Amazon



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Best bug zappers to keep insects at bay, tried and tested (2024)
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