9 Designer-Approved Spring Table Decor Ideas (2024)

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9 Designer-Approved Spring Table Decor Ideas

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AD It Yourself

Fresh ways to think about florals, pastels, prints, and place settings

By Lori Keong

9 Designer-Approved Spring Table Decor Ideas (3)

A soft pastel design for MacKenzie-Childs’s new Wildflower collection uses a playful butterfly centerpiece framed by stacked floral table settings on either side.Photo: MacKenzie-Childs

Spring is all about rebirth, so it feels entirely apropos to hit pause on any tiredentertaining ideas you’ve been cycling through and start scheming up springtable decor ideas that lean into fresh new palettes andtable settings. If you’re planning your next brunch ordinner party, or amicro-gathering for your nearest and dearest, there’s always room to get creative with your spreads, utilizing pastels, gingham linens, or muted palettes with plenty of fresh fruit and flowers festooned on top forguests. Get inspired by nature if you’re taking the festivities into the garden and the great outdoors, and don’t be afraid of doing too much. “Mixing and matching colors, prints, and different textures for spring tablescapes is always in,” Marie Joh, head of merchandising at Brooklyn home goods storeThe Six Bells, tells us.

Below, we’ve pulled together several swoon-worthy spring table decor ideas—culled from interior designers and homeware brands alike—that’ll help you get in the spirit of the season and serve up plenty of inspiration for your next meal around the table.

Dig into your dinnerware archives

Exuberant spring colors formed the inspiration for this yellow- and blue-hued brunch table, which uses muted linen napkins for balance.

Photo: Natalia Miyar Atelier/Milo Brown

London-based interior designerNatalia Miyar surfaced nostalgic objects from her own personal collection for this lively tablescape. “I was given the plates by my parents, who’ve had them for over 40 years,” Miyar says. “They are Mexican hand-painted Talavera, and each one is unique and full of vibrant colors.” Rustic stoneware pottery fromNOM Living and handwoven yellow raffia placemats round out the tableau, while the amaryllis flowers displayed in the center reference the bright pink blooms seen on some of the plates.

Double up on texture

Rectangular linen tablecloths are layered here for a charming, unfussy look, which is only downplayed by the oversized floral arrangement in the center—propped up in a pewter dish.

Photo:Madeline Harper

Blink and you might miss the layered gingham tablecloths in this spread fromAnastasia Casey—the founder and CEO of Austin-based creative agencyIDCO Studio—which doubles up rectangular French linens, so they can gracefully drape on both sides of this six-foot table. Her tip for pulling off a similar look? “Don’t be too fussy with your linens,” she says. Casey line-dried hers to ease out the wrinkles, but recommends leaning into the “subtle, casual soft waves they create when not ironed perfectly smooth.”

Get wild with botanical arrangements

The wild beauty of the foraged florals and grasses take center stage in this color-block tablescape.

Photo: Chelsea Francis

This Southern-style dinner party spread leans on a blue and white palette, from the plates down to the stripes on the tablecloth, contrasted with lemon-print napkins and yellow wine glasses. Austin-based interior designerAvery Cox paired everything with wildflower-esque blooms and wild native grasses she gathered from her family’s farm. “I wanted this tablescape to feel wild and joyful, like spring does when it rolls around each year,” Cox says. To nail a similar aesthetic, she recommends displaying a mixture of store-bought and salvaged florals and grasses in a vessel that can support tall wild bouquets—bundling groups of similar botanicals or grasses with a mixture of wire and twine.

Spotlight your natural setting

Muted hues keep the focus on the surrounding seascape around the table, which is dressed with Cultiver linens, Fable dishes, and cream Greentree candles of varying heights.

Photo:Devon Liedtke

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“Sometimes the scenery just speaks for itself,” Houston-based interior designer and self-described “tabletop enthusiast”Devon Liedtke says of planning this serene candlelit dinner on a rocky shore. The ruggedness of the coast was the basis for the understated palette, Liedtke explains, with natural linens, speckled white pottery, cream candles, and beach rocks serving as decor. For a similarly styled tablescape, she recommends focusing on tones that enhance your natural environment and center the company you’re with.

Mix and match prints

More is more in this joyful tablescape, made up of Six Bells products, that plays up different hues, prints, and variations on the same floral theme (down to the candlesticks and salt shakers).

Photo: The Six Bells

Brooklyn home goods store The Six Bells is all about mixing up distinct yet complementary colorways and motifs in this spread for a bigger, better brunch. A tip from the brand’s head of merchandising? “Don’t worry about getting too matchy-matchy.”

Use fresh flowers as centerpieces

Spring flowers like tulips and hyacinths will never go out of style as a spring centerpiece. Gather them in flourishes around the table, or pop one individually in a vase, as designer Devon Liedtke suggests.

Photo Credit:Fernanda Varela

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Liedtke employs another simple color palette for this elegant Mother’s Day tablescape, which displays quintessential spring flowers like white French tulips as the centerpieces. “I love how sculptural they are, even with just one bloom in a vase,” Liedtke says. “It’s easy and chic; you can cut things from your own yard, or just buy one bouquet from the store.” Another tip of hers is to store finger foods and sweets like macarons in bowls around the table. It’s a sweet gesture for guests, and also “one less thing to think about when cooking,” she says.

Cozy it up with candles

Pastel hues, polka dot motifs, and dried florals make quite the display, especially when finished off with small votive candles for ambiance.

Photo:Jessica Antola, from the forthcoming bookJoie: A Parisian's Guide to Celebrating the Good Lifeby Ajiri Aki.

This fetching tablescape is featured in the forthcoming bookJoie: A Parisian’s Guide to Celebrating the Good Life by Ajiri Aki—the founder of French lifestyle brandMadame de la Maison. Aki notes that she’s drawn to pastel palettes for spring, like the Ladurée-esque greens and pinks seen here. “You can mix all shades and almost can’t go wrong,” Aki muses. Another tip that she shares from her book is to sprinkle your table with petals from flowers that are dried or past their prime. She writes there, “It’s romantic and a tad messy, but very dramatic, and it makes the table look special.”

Keep it classic

This tablescape—photographed for Tableau’s latest Flying Over Rome collection—embraces Grecian colors and plenty of classical flair (see the cake stands topped with fruit and cheese that are ready for their still life closeup).


Refael Zuraivin, cofounder and creative director ofTableau, was inspired by ancient Rome for this spread that’s steeped in classical imagery. The primary focus is the brand’s blue and whitetablecloth, a stainproof linen in case the festivities get rowdy, which was paired with 16 differentcomplementary napkin designs from its Flying Over Rome collection. Gatherings of fruit and flowers combine to create a scene that Zuraivin describes as “loose but still elegant, and heavy but still light, all at the same time.”

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9 Designer-Approved Spring Table Decor Ideas (2024)
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