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From sprawling one-story layouts to the timeless charm of open floor plans, ranch homes offer versatility, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, making them a beloved style for many homeowners. Read on for some of our favorite examples of ranch home exteriors that we’ve designed.

Whether it’s choosing the perfect design style or refining the smallest details for your planned curb appeal update, we’re here to simplify the process. Explore our virtual exterior design services today and take the first step towards achieving your renovation goals.

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#1 // Classic and charming

This traditional ranch home has gables on each side, plus the roof comes to a peak toward the back, giving the one-story home a heightened look. The wood porch columns, garage door, and front yard fence join forces with the white siding and black eaves to create a classic, charming aesthetic that we adore.

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#2 // Bright white trim

Between the driveway, walkway pavers, Eldorado stone, roof shingles, and siding — painted with Benjamin Moore’s Bracken Slate — this ranch leans heavily into shades of gray. Our designers used Benjamin Moore’s White Dove for the trim, soffit, eaves, fascia, and gutters to bring a bit of crisp contrast to the exterior.

16 Ranch Homes with Gorgeous Exteriors | brick&batten (3)

#3 // Blend with the landscape

One of our favorite ways to add dimension to ranch homes is by amplifying the landscaping. Above, we added pea stone, boulders, shrubs, and flowers to create a breathtaking landscape, which looks especially gorgeous against the cozy exterior color palette.

16 Ranch Homes with Gorgeous Exteriors | brick&batten (4)

#4 // Simple elegance

It doesn’t get much more classic — and classy — than a red brick house with black shutters. Here, we painted the portico, trim, and columns with Benjamin Moore’s Light Pewter to highlight the home’s most architecturally interesting accents. Additionally, our designers made the most of the front yard space with a wide walkway and covered patio.

16 Ranch Homes with Gorgeous Exteriors | brick&batten (5)

#5 // Modern and dynamic

Next, this design is one of our favorite modern ranch homes. The large driveway pavers, rain chain, in-ground lighting, porch screen, and unique accents create an eccentric, compelling mid-century look.

16 Ranch Homes with Gorgeous Exteriors | brick&batten (6)

#6 // Warm, welcoming aesthetic

The brick, siding, stucco, and eaves on this home are all painted with Benjamin Moore’s Seapearl, a creamy off-white shade that pairs beautifully with the wood accents. The effect is subdued but lovely.

16 Ranch Homes with Gorgeous Exteriors | brick&batten (7)

#7 // Bold and moody

We love using a moody color scheme for a striking aesthetic on mid-century modern ranch homes. Above, our designers suggested James Hardie’s Iron Gray siding paired with wood paneling, white trim, and a black garage door and exterior lighting family for contrast.

16 Ranch Homes with Gorgeous Exteriors | brick&batten (8)

#8 // Sprawling ranch

With sprawling ranch homes, it’s important to mix materials to provide visual interest across the width of the home. Above, we rendered the brick and vertical board-and-batten siding in Amherst Gray by Benjamin Moore and brought in contrast with the warm stone cladding. Wood columns and lintels offer natural warmth while black accents provide contrast.

16 Ranch Homes with Gorgeous Exteriors | brick&batten (9)

#9 // Low-profile

On low-profile ranch homes, gabled midpoints can add an additional layer to an otherwise one-dimensional layout. Our designers accentuated the peak above with wood columns, recessed lighting, and shingle siding. Against the white brick, the shutters — painted with Sherwin Williams’ Black Fox — offer rich warmth that ties into the brown shingle roof.

16 Ranch Homes with Gorgeous Exteriors | brick&batten (10)

#10 // Earthy farmhouse

The combination of Sherwin Williams’ Dried Thyme siding, wood accents and porch ceiling, neutral brick, white trim, and x-style porch railing on this ranch gives off farmhouse vibe that we can’t get enough of.

16 Ranch Homes with Gorgeous Exteriors | brick&batten (11)

#11 // Quaint and simple

Ranch homes don’t have to be elaborate to be eye-catching. This charming red brick house is elevated by its curved portico and thick off-white trim. Simple touches, including the window box to the far left of the façade and envelope mailbox to the right of the entry, bring intentionality to the curb appeal.

16 Ranch Homes with Gorgeous Exteriors | brick&batten (12)

#12 // Warm and whimsical

In the design above, we suggested a warm, neutral color scheme. Our designers used Benjamin Moore’s Simply White on the siding, columns, pergola, gutters, and downspouts. For some soft contrast, we painted the garage door with Sherwin Williams’ Colonnade Gray. The stone veneer around the garage adds more texture to this ranch, while the pergola and purple blooms lend an ethereal charm.

16 Ranch Homes with Gorgeous Exteriors | brick&batten (13)

#13 // Mixed materials

Above, our designers mixed building materials for contrast, giving this ranch a layered look. The flat porch awning and garage awning overhang as well as the front door bring in modern elements. Plus, we love how the mid-range hue of the stone bridges the gap between the white siding and black accents.

16 Ranch Homes with Gorgeous Exteriors | brick&batten (14)

#14 // Spanish-style ranch

Ranch homes can be executed in a wide array of design styles, from modern and industrial to rustic and traditional. Our designers improved this Spanish-style ranch’s curb appeal with a half wall, gate, arched doorway, and red barrel tile roof.

16 Ranch Homes with Gorgeous Exteriors | brick&batten (15)

#15 // Winding walkway

This ranch has a mostly straight-across layout, aside from the gabled entryway. We added a curved walkway that winds along the landscaping along with wood trusses and porch columns to draw the eye.

16 Ranch Homes with Gorgeous Exteriors | brick&batten (16)

#16 // Hardscaping and landscaping

The hardscaping of this ranch home is a huge factor in its appeal. Our designers suggested a mix of stone and concrete textures for the walkway and driveway. The boulders and lush plants in the landscaping bring in beautiful color and depth.

16 Ranch Homes with Gorgeous Exteriors | brick&batten (17)

Ready to revamp your ranch?

Ranch homes provide a myriad of possibilities to create functional, on-trend curb appeal. From embracing the simplicity of contemporary aesthetics to infusing unique architectural elements, ranch-style homes offer endless opportunities for customization.

Experience the untapped possibilities of your home and enhance its curb appeal with our expert guidance. At brick&batten, we leave no stone unturned, paying attention to every detail to give your exterior a stunning makeover. Get started on your exterior design project with us today.

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16 Ranch Homes with Gorgeous Exteriors | brick&batten (2024)
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